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Swiss Franck Muller Long Island 1002 QZ Luxury Replica Watch

Franck Muller is a high-end watch brand from Geneva, Switzerland, and has a very high status in the world of luxury watches. Although many people are not very familiar with the brand Franck Muller, through a short 50 years of development, it already has a place in the field of Swiss luxury watches, showing its strong strength. The appearance of Franck Muller has always been unique, allowing people to can recognize it at first glance. Franck Muller breaks conventional creativity and is committed to blending watchmaking technology with unlimited creativity, thus attracting many fans with unique tastes.

Today this article brings you the most beautiful ladies quartz watch of the top replica Franck Muller Long Island series. This replica watch is crafted with ingenuity, using a real vaulted mother-of-pearl face, and the craftsmanship perfectly restores the classic! The size of the watch is 45×26mm, the imported 316L stainless steel case, the curved design is more comfortable! The movement adopts the quartz movement imported from Switzerland, and comes with seven colors of American alligator leather strap! A high-grade rhinestone inlay, produced at any cost, showing the personality and luxurious colors!

This Franck Muller Long Island 1002 QZ replica women’s watch is made of rectangular 316 stainless steel and CNC processed and polished to make a case. The curved design of the case is more suitable for daily wear and comfortable hand in addition to personality. The bottom cover is formed by CNC carving, and the precision is perfectly restored to the authentic! The dial is made of Tridacnidae shells of the seven treasures of Tibetan Buddhism, and it is made into a pearlescent mother-of-pearl dial!

The Tridacnidae shell is a very precious material, and it is even rarer to choose a suitable arched shell shape. Using this rare material as the dial, coupled with scrapping rates such as polishing and installation scales, makes the production of this replica watch difficult. Although it is difficult to make, the curvature of this replica Franck Muller watch is also consistent with the authenticity. The dial is chamfered and polished three-dimensionally. The rhodium-plated steel Arabic numerals and arched rhodium-plated hands perfectly restore authenticity. The mirror surface uses arched sapphire glass, and the polishing process is quite complicated.

The bottom cover and the case of this Franck Muller Long Island 1002 QZ replica women’s watch are seamlessly spliced. Only through CNC machining technology can the case and the back cover be so perfectly matched. The bottom cover is delicately brushed, and the font is clearly engraved. The movement adopts the Swiss imported Ronda quartz movement that is the same as the original. All the accessories of the whole watch can be exchanged with the original, including the movement!

This Franck Muller Swiss replica watch uses the same genuine American crocodile belly alligator leather strap as the original. The back material of the strap is also carefully selected the same anti-leather material as the original. Strap black brown red pink orange blue purple multi-color optional! This Franck Muller 1002 replica watch is very meticulous in terms of workmanship and materials. It can be said to be the highest quality replica watch in the world. The combination of Franck Muller’s chic square case style and unique Roman numerals has made many female friends unforgettable.