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Longines Conquest Classic L2.785.4.76.6 Elegant Mens Replica Watch

Simple things look unpretentious and straightforward, but they have a unique charm. The Longines Conquest Classic series of watches are produced exclusively for sports and have excellent performance. In order to meet the requirements of sports, it will inevitably be complicated. However, there are still simple and unpretentious watches in the Longine Conquest Classic series. Today this article will bring you a concise style replica Longines Conquest Classic series watch (model: L2.785.4.76.6).

This replica Longines Conquest Classic series of men’s watches is the most atmospheric and straightforward style of the Longines brand. This replica watch has a diameter of 40 mm and is equipped with the same customized L619.2 movement based on the 2892A2 movement. Imported high-pass transparent sapphire mirror, even in the case of reflection, the literal content will not be refracted or discolored. The crown is made separately to ensure that the number of grooves and teeth is exactly the same as the original.

The replica Longines watch has a clear font on the dial surface, and the color tone and color temperature are exactly the same as the original. The LOGO position and size ratio also corresponds to the genuine product, and the size specifications are almost the same. The three Arabic numerals and scales are three-dimensional, and the details are handled properly. Every detail of this replica watch is individually copied 1:1 based on genuine parts, including the bezel, case, crown, and lugs, to ensure that the lines, chamfers, curvature, and original are consistent. CNC machining + CNC adjustment + vacuum plating. The thickness of 40mm, the thickness of 10.6mm, and the original are exactly the same.

The replica Longines Conquest Classic watch has a transparent design at the bottom, and the back cover also uses a sapphire glass mirror. The width and thickness of the bottom cover of the watch are perfectly synchronized with the thickness of the yarn pattern. The Longines logo on the inside of the bottom cover is also highly similar. The movement adopts the customized L619.2 movement based on the 2892A2 movement. The Geneva pattern and the fish scale pattern are all-round, and the same titanium coated anti-radiation inner cover. The Geneva and twill silks are very detailed, and the steel under the balance wheel is clear.

The strap perfectly mimics the design of the original classic H+ square, CNC numerical control + manual polishing, high-quality craftsmanship, single size specifications are exactly the same; texture and comfort are just right. It is matched with the butterfly double-press four-axis buckle, which is common with the original, pure hand steel, high toughness, and long life. The texture is fine and elegant! Any man can control the size of 40mm! The style is simple and atmospheric, and there is a simple and elegant style!