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The Best Rolex GMT-Master II 116713 Steel & Gold Replica Watch

In the early years, Rolex’s impression in many people’s minds was the luxurious gold watch. Gold has always been a symbol of noble status, and Rolex and gold combined watches have a very high social status in the minds of many people. Today this article brings very iconic steel & gold Rolex GMT-Master II 116713 replica watch to experience the luxury Rolex replica watch together.

The Rolex GMT-Master II 116713 replica watch case, is made of 316L stainless steel, forged to form a thick case, the case of the case looks very strong. The watch bezel is equipped with a two-way rotating black ceramic round bezel with a 24 hour even scale carved on the bezel. The black ceramic outer ring package is filled with a full circle of golden yellow. This golden circle is a specially processed process that integrates the golden yellow with the bezel, so it will not fade.

This Rolex GMT-Master II 116713 replica watch uses a sapphire glass mirror, which is very permeable, and the sapphire mirror has high scratch resistance. At 3 o’clock, there is a very characteristic calendar window with a bubble mirror effect. The bubble mirror is also covered with a blue film. The black dial is matched with the milky white hour markers and the milky white graduation marks, forming a sharp contrast, making it easier to obtain time information.

The outer edges of the round hour markers of this Rolex replica watch are all gold-edged, and the inside of the hour markers are evenly filled with luminous material. The 12 o’clock position of the dial is the Rolex logo and the “Perpetual” logo. The font size and details are highly similar to the genuine ones. The GMT hands are in order from top to bottom: second hand, minute hand, GMT hand, the hour hand.

This Rolex GMT-Master II 116713 replica watch has a super waterproof function. The crown adopts a screw-in triple buckle waterproof system. The three dots below the crown represent triple waterproofing. There is a sealing rubber ring on the inside of the crown. The crown is engraved with a classic crown icon, and shoulder guards are provided on both sides to ensure that the crown does not loose abnormally. The lugs on the lugs are properly polished, and the lines are relatively soft, ensuring that they fit the wrist when worn.

The strap of this Rolex replica watch is also very characteristic. The steel band center of the replica watch is gold-plated, not the kind of color that fades after printing, which is different from the low-cost and inferior version on the market. Therefore, consumers don’t have to worry about bumping or scratching the golden part of the strap and leaking the inner steel color. The internal polishing of the folding buckle is also very smooth and has a strong texture.

The bottom cover of this Rolex GMT-Master II 116713 replica watch is a traditional sealed design, the bottom cover is also very carefully polished, and the bottom end of the bottom cover is a waterproof rubber ring. This replica Rolex watch uses the 3186 movements active winding movement, the internal level of the movement is clear, and the hollowing of the active rotor reduces its weight. Many consumers also recognize the 3186 movements on the market for its accuracy and stability.