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The Most Luxurious Piaget Polo Gypsophila Diamond Replica Watch

When it comes to Piaget Polo series Gypsophila watches, watches friends who have seen big scenes are not unfamiliar. In fact, this watch belongs to the official extended custom style. That is to say, Piaget, according to the needs of the VIP, the official custom-made exclusive diamond process (full diamond) for the ordinary models of the Polo series. This fully illustrates the luxury of this watch; only very wealthy people are eligible to buy. So today, this article will bring you the diamond-set version of this Piaget Polo replica watch and feel the quality of super-luxury watches!

This top replica Piaget diamond watch combines jewelry with extraordinary craftsmanship, inlaid with a total of 564 Swarovski diamonds. The pillow-shaped case is plated with 18K real gold, perfectly presents the original watch luxury. The diameter of the watch is 43mm, equipped with imported 9015 automatic mechanical movements, true sapphire crystal, and electroplated true gold case hand-studded with top-level Swarovski diamonds. Imported calfskin strap, original folding buckle, this replica Piaget watch is the top replica watch on the market.

This luxury replica Piaget watch uses a pillow-shaped case with a micro-arc shoulder. Each watch case is carefully selected by the quality inspector and then inlaid with jewelry, to achieve the original effect. The 78 Swarovski diamonds on the case are hand-set by jewels in one go. There are 486 top Swarovski diamonds on the dial. The size, cut, and fire color of the diamond have been strictly selected to ensure consistent gloss.

The line on the side of this Piaget replica watch is the same as the genuine one, and the chamfering of the lugs is also perfect, with a metal brushing process, the overall texture is delicate! The crown workmanship is very meticulous, and the surrounding gears are polished very finely, the lines are clear and very neat! With the beautifully carved Earl brand LOGO on the side, the appearance of the crown is more similar to the genuine one!

This advanced replica Piaget Polo watch movement uses the imported Miyoda 9015 movement as the basis to imitation a replica of the Piaget 800P movement. The movement has outstanding stability and stable quality. The strap adopts imported calf leather strap with the original Earl fold buckle, and the lug structure adopts the same embedded design as the original, which makes the wearer feel more comfortable. The appearance of the watch buckle and the fixing method after opening the buckle are the same as those of the original.

This Piaget Polo series gypsophila top replica watches have a standard size of 43mm, suitable for most men. And the style of this watch is more diversified, and the wearer can also casually match clothing and any occasion. So if you want to experience the noble style of Piaget watchmaking, this swiss luxury replica watch will be a perfect choice!