Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Contemporary 85180 Best Replica Watch

Vacheron Constantin has always been the Hermès of the watch industry, and everyone must know its luxury value and high selling price! The Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Contemporary series has always been very popular in the imitation watch market. Still, because of the exquisite workmanship of the original version, there has not been a particularly outstanding version on the market. Today this article brings you this latest replica Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Contemporary 85180 replica watch. Its workmanship and details are perfect compared to other versions on the market!

This replica Vacheron Constantin watch measures 40mmX9mm and is exactly the same as the genuine one. The perfectly round case with micro-solitary lug design makes it more fit to the wearer’s wrist. Every finished watchcase has to pass strict quality control before it can restore the original unique texture. Sapphire glass mirrors are used on the front and back and are treated with an anti-dizziness coating. The strap is double Italian calf leather with a Maltese cross pin buckle.

The time scale of a simple formal watch is generally a bar design, and the dial of this Vacheron Constantin 85180 replica watch is special. The center of the dial is protruding, the edge is concave, and the overall design is curved, which causes the metal time scale to be made along the arc of the dial, which increases the difficulty of making. The common version of the imitation watch on the market does not pay attention to this detail. The color of the dial is silvery-white, which reflects each other with the golden hands.

This replica Vacheron Constantin 85180 watch’s calendar number fills the small calendar window with a central position and no offset. The movement uses Miyoda 9015 as the basis, and the splint is added to modify the movement style of CAL.2450SC. Basically, high-quality ultra-thin replica watches on the market are equipped with this basic movement or Seagull 2892 movement. The Miyota 9015 movement is thinner than the Seagull 2892 movement, and the splint is more flexible to modify.

You can feel the perfect workmanship of this Vacheron Constantin 85180 replica watch on the side. The thickness is only 8mm, and the edges are smooth and no edges. The watch strap is a strap with imitation of crocodile leather pattern on the basis of cowhide. It is also an ultra-thin design. The workmanship is also very detailed and perfect. If you have a perfect pursuit, you can also order a special ultra-thin crocodile strap.

Vacheron Constantin’s formal ultra-thin replica watches have always been popular models, and this Vacheron Constantin replica watch shared for everyone today surpasses the ordinary imitation watch version on the market. This high-quality replica watch provides more choices for customers who like the Vacheron Constantin brand. The same model also has a silver case.