Retro Patek Philippe Complicated Annual Calendar Luxury Replica Watch

Today this article brings you an elegant formal watch: Patek Philippe replica Annual Calendar series replica watches. This is a complex style watch with multiple functions such as date display, week display, month display, and 24-hour display. The exquisite and reasonable design of the watch displays a variety of functions distributed on the dial surface, making this advanced replica watch loved and sought after by many watch friends.

Patek Philippe Complicated Annual Calendar series replica watches use a luxurious K gold dial. The watch dial is decorated with fine Roman time scales and track scales. There is not too much gorgeous decoration, but it contains a gorgeous retro atmosphere. A unique style of the Calatrava case is adopted. The beveled bezel is polished and shiny, softly surrounding the dial, and the whole presents a classic elegant beauty.

The dial of the Patek Philippe Complicated Annual Calendar series replica watch uses Roman numerals on the dial, with slender sword-shaped hands. The elegant three small dial design in the middle, where the time scales and hands are selected in K gold color, makes the watch look full and textured. The mirror surface of the watch is made of sapphire, which has high permeability. The connection between the mirror and the bezel is very strong and integrated, which also guarantees the waterproof performance of this Patek Philippe replica watch to the greatest extent.

The layout of this replica Patek Philippe Complicated Annual Calendar watch has been ingeniously and meticulously refined and typeset. The size of the LOGO logo above the center hand is the same as the original, with the nine o’clock dial showing the day of the week and the three o’clock showing the month. There is a calendar window display function at 6 o’clock, and the 24-hour display dial is located between the calendar window and the pointer. This layout allows the overall visual effect of the watch to be beautiful and concise.

This replica Patek Philippe watch has a diameter of 39.5 mm and a thickness of 9 mm. The sidelines are bright and thin, and the round case is elegantly integrated with the strap through the lugs. The straight-drawn crown is easy to adjust, and the hidden function buttons on both sides make the case more integrated! The crown is engraved with Patek Philippe’s classic Calatrava cross star logo, which is exquisite.

The bottom of this Patek Philippe replica watch is a transparent design, equipped with imported 9015 imitations Cal.324 automatic mechanical movement, and powerful performance will achieve complex functions. The fish scale of the movement splint is very delicate, the screws on the deck are also smooth, and the brightness is very high. The golden yellow auto rotor is highly similar to the genuine one. The sapphire glass in the middle of the bottom cover is very clean, and the connection to the bottom cover is excellent. The bottom cover is well curved, and the polishing process is perfect.

Patek Philippe Complicated Annual Calendar replica watch is one of our more common complicated formal dress watches. Retro and luxurious design and practical and complicated functions make this luxury replica watch can be popular at a glance. And the Patek Philippe high-quality replica watch’s exquisite craftsmanship and affordable price factors have made many watch friends interested. In general, this replica watch is a perfect choice for the majority of watch friends.