Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M Automatic Quality Replica Watch

Omega Seamaster series watches have always been a hot-selling series in the watch industry. Among them, Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean series watches are popular among watch friends because of their classic appearance design. Today in this article, I bring you a quality Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean replica watch, let us wait and see!

This replica Omega watch continues the classic dial of the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean series. The diameter of the watch face is 43.5mm, and most watch friends can easily control it. The exquisite dial exudes infinite vitality, and a touch of orange rubber on the outer ring of the watch makes people shine. The thick sword-shaped pointer in the center walks smoothly on the dial, which means that the sword points to the deep sea, and also shows the courage and determination of the Omega Seamaster series to challenge the limits and conquer the ocean.

Our high-quality replica Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean uses the exclusive first imported ceramic material dial, which is a major breakthrough. The polished ceramic dial has ultra-high transparency and gloss, while the ceramic material has anti-reflective and anti-scratch effects. The ceramic ring mouth 1/4 orange scale part is inlaid with the same natural rubber as the original. To create a bright scale ring mouth, the case has an original dismantling valve developed at 10 o’clock on the left side of the case!

The workmanship of the watch bezel is perfect, its outer frame is 316L stainless steel, the inside is filled with ceramic material, and the scale on the ceramic layer is filled with liquid metal. The so-called liquid metal is an indefinite metal, which is between the gaseous state and the solid-state and has better physical properties than ordinary metals. The 1/4 orange scale on the outer ring ceramic ring of the watch case is inlaid with the same natural rubber as the original, creating a bright and beautiful scale ring!

The replica Omega watch has a transparent design at the bottom. Through the sapphire glass lens, you can clearly see the internal movement structure and operation principle. This high-quality replica watch is equipped with a new customized 8900 movement. The position of the black balance wheel exactly matches the original. In the bottom cover part, this Planet Ocean watch’s screw-in bottom cover edge uses a unique wave pattern gear, which is more eye-catching in appearance.

The strap is made of 316 stainless steel, which is polished and polished with fine details. The buckle has a convenient extension system. You can easily adjust the strap by pushing the “PUSH” button. With the split active headpiece, it is more comfortable to wear and not easy to take off. This perfect replica Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean watch is currently the top replica of the watch regardless of craftsmanship or quality!